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2008-03-09 04:27:20 by Mr-Plop

The world of animation is slowly crumbling, and i am going to make a list of who on newgrounds is here to save it:

Adam Philips

and maybe Egoraptor

you may all agree to this in your comments now.

p.s. im woking on a animation now to prove that i rightfully belong in the list i made.



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2008-03-09 05:04:34

You don't belong on that list and you know it.

Mr-Plop responds:

excuse me. you're talking to a man on that list... you should not disrespect my status in authority


2008-03-09 07:10:14

Suuuuuureee buddy... suuuuure

Mr-Plop responds:

see Sticky, DrunkenCat agrees! why can't you be more like DrunkenCat


2008-03-09 07:27:17

your a dunce

Mr-Plop responds:

well you're a level 1 and i'm a level 2, and i have a submission and you don't meaning you are talentless. and i don't care what talentless people say.


2008-03-09 07:50:16

you're so right Mr-Plop


2008-03-09 07:50:38

yes! i agree! you're amazing Plop


2008-03-09 07:52:37

these are the words that best suit you Mr-Plop:

awesome, fascinating, incredible, marvelous, prodigious, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful, abundant, ample, big, big league*, bulky, bull, colossal, considerable, decided, enormous, excessive, extended, extensive, extravagant, extreme, fat, gigantic, grievous, high, huge, humongous, husky, immense, inordinate, jumbo*, lengthy, long, major league*, mammoth, mungo, numerous, oversize, prodigious, prolonged, pronounced, protracted, strong, stupendous, terrible, titanic*, towering, tremendous, vast, voluminous, august, beautiful, bright, brilliant, celebrated, dazzling, delightful, distinguished, effulgent, elevated, eminent, enjoyable, esteemed, exalted, excellent, famed, famous, fine, gorgeous, grand, gratifying, great, heavenly, heroic, honored, illustrious, immortal, magnificent, majestic, marvelous, memorable, noble, notable, noted, pleasurable, preeminent, radiant, remarkable, renowned, resplendent, shining, splendid, sublime, superb, time-honored, triumphant, venerable, well-known, wonderful


2008-03-09 08:00:31

mr plot. lick penis. you are an angry dick with no holes to fuck but your own. a angry dwarf on a island of stupidity. surrounded by penises. a sea of penis.

Mr-Plop responds:

dwarfs don't exist, they are only in lord of the rings. i'm human dumass!


2008-03-09 08:03:13

You're a big fail Mr. Plop, I hope you plop dead by tomorrow.

Mr-Plop responds:

don't worry, i doubt that'll happen. but just so you know, if i die, animation dies with me.


2008-03-09 08:21:29

seriously, how old ARE you, posting crappy news about your crappy self.. A BABY could make such lousy animations. Tom should make a law of banning people because they're rediculously stupid, like you...

Mr-Plop responds:

yeah that could be a nice rule, because you would be banned and not me.


2008-03-09 12:13:42

Go ahead (you big ego) but I think you forgot a couple of names on that list (and I hope you know it).

Mr-Plop responds:

yeah i did. Tex Avery, RIchard WIlliams, Walt Disney